Saturday, 29 February 2020

Spineless 9 Announcement!

We are thrilled to announce that our 9th Spineless Authors' Night will take place on Wednesday 11th March at the Clapton Hart and will feature special guest author Jen Calleja! We look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, 2 February 2020

Spineless 8 Announcement!

Greetings all! Please forgive our silence. Illness and a seismic computer crash conspired to put all Spineless work on hold for a while there. Updates, photos and videos from Spineless 6 and 7 will follow in due course but for now, we hope you will be satiated with the news that Spineless Authors' Night 8 is soon upon us and will feature the wonderful Rowan Hisayo Buchanan as guest author! We can't wait to see you there on Wednesday 12th February.

Friday, 27 December 2019

Spineless No. 7

Announcement... Spineless Authors' Night No. 7 will be happening on Wednesday January 8th at the Clapton Hart and will feature the wonderful, brilliant Livia Franchini! Really looking forward to this one. We hope to see you there. Behold our latest lovely poster.

Spineless Authors' Night No.5

Late and apologetic as ever, here are the wonderful writers that presented their work for Spineless Authors' Night No. 5. A huge thank you to all of them and the tremendously supportive audience for making the evening so special.

Joss Argyle
Jos Argyle is a writer, actor and filmmaker. Born in South America, he has travelled and studied in England. His credits include I was the Baker, The 7th Day and The Artist, including visual art pieces and music videos.
Stephen Fabes
Stephen is a doctor, freelance journalist and travel writer whose first book, Signs of Life, will be published by Profile Books in August 2020 . His website can be found here.
Susan Wilson
Susan Wilson is a London-based poet, whose work is published in “Good Grief” and “Making Ourselves Up: The Regenerate Reader”. Some of her early poetry, art and a more detailed biography can be found here.

Ashley Hickson-Lovence

Ashley Hickson-Lovence is a in Hackney-born poet and author. He is a former secondary school English teacher and is currently completing a Creative and Critical Writing PhD at the University of East Anglia. His debut novel ’The 392′ which unfolds entirely on a bus travelling from Hackney to Highbury is published by OWN IT!.

Alexandra Butler

Alexandra is a Brighton-based multidisciplinary artist, singer and writer. This was Alex's first public reading.

David Atkinson

David is a Scottish writer, performer and self-confessed hopeless romantic. He is currently working on a show that blends poetry and comedy. He also writes a tinyletter site that can be found here.

Monday, 18 November 2019

Spineless 4

Once again, my apologies for being so appallingly slow at updating this thing but here we go. At Spineless Authors' Night Number 4 the readers were...

Jamie Dwelly
Jamie is a professional content and feature writer based in London. As well as providing copy for websites, marketing and film, Jamie writes poetry, children's stories and adult fiction. 
Tom McColl
Thomas McColl lives in East London. His first full collection of flash fiction and poetry, Being With Me Will Help You Learn, is published by Listen Softly London Press, and he can be contacted on Twitter at @ThomasMcColl2
Elizabeth Corola
Elizabeth is a Hackney-based writer of short and long fiction. Her first book was a collection of Hackney-based stories and she is currently working on a thriller based in the world of pharmacology.
Harley Viveash
Harley Viveash is an actor and writer from Swindon, now based in Hackney. You can follow him on twitter at @HarleyViveash
Lewis Kay-Thatcher
Lewis is a Creative Art Director and multidisciplinary artist. His various projects can be seen here.
Kevin Flude
Kevin is a college lecturer and the co-creator of cultural heritage project And Did Those Feet. He has written and contributed to several books on history, archaeology and literature.
Yara Rodrigues Fowler
Yara's writing and essays have appeared in Vogue, Skin Deep, Litro, and other publications. Her first novel, Stubborn Archivist, was published in February 2019. Yara is a trustee of Latin American Women’s Aid, an organisation that runs the only two refuges in Europe for and by Latin American women. 

Saturday, 2 November 2019

Spineless 5 Announcement

Greetings All! A very quick post just to announce that Spineless Authors' Night Number 5 is happening on Wednesday 13th November at the Clapton hart. Our special guest author this month will be Ashley Hickson-Lovence. We look forward to seeing you there.

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Spineless 3 photos

Spineless 3

Greetings all! Deepest, most profound apologies for the lateness of this update. Spineless Authors' Night Number 3 came and happened and was, by all accounts, a really fun evening. We were lucky to have the following readers grace us with their words...

Angele Eliane is an author, content provider and deputy blog manager for Mechanics' Institute Review

Susan Wilson is a London-based poet. This is her second performance for Spineless Authors' Night.

Emmanuel Exbrayat is a member of Immersive Fantasy Reading, a collective that organises French-language group reading events. The group are currently working on an interactive book, game and live experience called Five Tribes.

Temi Oh graduated from King’s College London with a BSci in Neuroscience. Her degree provided great opportunities to write and learn about topics ranging from ‘Philosophy of the Mind’ to ‘Space Physiology’. In 2016, she received an MA in Creative Writing from the University of Edinburgh. Her debut novel, DO YOU DREAM OF TERRA-TWO? was published by Simon & Schuster this year.

Rachel is a North American photographer, calligrapher and author recently transplanted to the UK. Her work can be seen here.

Thomas Popiolek is a London-based poet.

Kate Brook is a London-based author.

Stephen Oram is one of the writers for SciFutures and co-created the Virtual Futures Near-Future Fiction series for which he is now lead curator.
Stephen is the author of the novels Fluence and Quantum Confessions, as well as the short story collections Eating Robots and Biohacked and Begging.